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“To promote safety in Missouri and the Nation, the Missouri Safety Center strives to prevent injury and death through education, training, research, and public service.”

The Missouri Safety Center strives to achieve its mission through:
* Hands-on application and skill development
* Certification and licensing in public safety, law enforcement, and other industries
* Conference and training activities relevant to current events

Role and Purpose

The Missouri Safety Center is an organization dedicated to injury prevention specifically in the area of highway and traffic safety. It draws together a variety of resources in a common effort that serves state and local agencies, business, industry, safety professionals, University personnel and the public-at-large. It utilizes a staff of specialists and the services of the University to provide leadership and a unified program in injury prevention. Center activities include programs of instruction, research, publications, public information, as well as, conferences and special services.


  1. Coordinate with Missouri’s state and local agencies, professional organizations and business and industry professionals to meet their safety awareness and training needs, as well as other public safety issues.
  2. Expand the number of safety programs offered and the diversity of target populations served to meet changing safety needs and to remain in the forefront of safety technology.
  3. Encourage Center staff to maintain close working relationships with safety professionals and safety organizations and agencies to develop more responsive safety programming.
  4. Promote interdisciplinary activities with other University faculty, staff, and students in grant and research activities, safety training programs, and other cooperative initiatives.


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