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Is there a dress code for students taking courses at the MSC?

Missouri Safety Center student attire must reflect our philosophy of maintaining an orderly and professional training environment. This policy is intended to define appropriate “student attire.” While it is understood that student comfort has a positive influence on learning, the lack of common sense and poor judgment in selecting proper attire can just as easily have a negative impact. Special attire may be required for specific courses and a list of courses and attire will be provided. Classes conducted outside during temperature extremes may be allowed exceptions. Enforcement is the responsibility of all MSC staff and trainers, as well as each student and guest.Special activities like group tours or use of the facility for non-Safety Center related activities may be exempt from this standard.

The following defines appropriate student attire but may not include all possibilities. Instructors have final decision making authority:


  • Appropriate: long slacks, blue jeans or lady’s capris-pants, standard dresses and skirts
  • Inappropriate: mini-skirts, shorts, cut-offs or pants with rips, tears, or holes
  • Exception – shorts may be allowed in classes with outdoor activities held during the summer months only


  • Appropriate: collared shirts or blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts and t-shirt
  • Inappropriate: sleeveless shirts, tank-tops or revealing sheer tops


  • Appropriate: tennis shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes and boots
  • Inappropriate: flip flops, sandals, or extremely high heels


  • Appropriate: during outdoor activities
  • Inappropriate: in the classroom


  • Inappropriate: graphics that make reference to or include drugs, alcohol, obscenity, or profanity


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