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crash investigation3The Crash Series is designed to provide training from Basic Crash Investigation through Advanced Crash Investigation. The series must be taken consecutively and includes 6 courses, each 20 contact hours in length.  The series prepares officers to attend a Reconstruction class and is math intensive . While the classes start at a slower “mathematical” pace, by Crash 3 the math is at an upper high school or freshman college level.

Because all training materials and course-work will be provided and performed electronically, students must bring a laptop with the free Adobe Reader program installed. This will allow the students to become completely familiar with the material both during and after the class, also in some cases, it will help students prepare for the next in a series of classes.

Tuition for this course is $300 per person for each class, total of $1,800 for attending the entire series. There will be 120 hours of POST credit awarded.

Participants may pay via credit card (MasterCard, VISA, and Discover), check made payable to the Missouri Safety Center or purchase order number (you will receive an invoice). To be accepted, payment must be received prior to the first day of the course.


Course Offerings:

Basic Heavy Truck Reconstruction 40-Hours

* Crash Investigation Series 1-6 20-Hours Each

Crash Reconstruction Preparation 12-Hours

Crash Reconstruction 80-Hours

Event Data Recorder Use in Traffic Reconstruction

On-Scene Crash Investigation 6-Hours

On-Scene Crash Investigation 12-Hours

Pedestrian/Bicycle Reconstruction 40-Hours


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