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Driver Improvement Program (DIP)
Point Assessment Reduction on a Missouri Driver’s License

Missouri Revised Statutes Section 302 Drivers and Commercial Drivers Licenses

Avoiding Point Assessment on Your Driver’s License

If you are charged with a moving violation in a county that has authorized the Fine Collection Center (FCC) to approve DIP, and you plead guilty and pay your fine and costs in full to the FCC, you will automatically be approved to attend an authorized Driver Improvement Program course to avoid having points assessed on your Missouri driver’s license. However, this program is not available for a violation committed in a commercial motor vehicle or for any driver who has a commercial driver’s license (CDL) from Missouri or any other state. Attendance at DIP is not mandatory. If you choose to attend DIP, you must complete an approved DIP course within 60 days of your guilty plea.

CLICK HERE to view Approved Online Programs for (DIP)

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Counties that allow FCC to approve attendance at Driver Improvement Program

A Daviess M Shannon
Adair E Macon Shelby
Andrew None Madison St. Clair
Atchison F Marion Ste. Genevieve
Audrain Franklin McDonald Sullivan
B G Miller T
Barton Gasconade N None
Benton Greene Nodaway U
Bollinger Grundy O None
Boone H Oregon V
Buchanan Harrison Osage Vernon
Butler Henry P W
C Hickory Pemiscot Wayne
Callaway Holt Perry Webster
Cape Girardeau Howell Pike Worth
Cass I Platte Wright
Cedar None Putnam X
Clay J Q None
Clinton None None Y
Cole K R  None
Cooper None Reynolds  Z
Crawford L Ripley  None
D Lawrence S
Dade Lewis Saline
Lincoln Schuyler
Livingston Scott
Important Notes

The DIP course or Motorcycle Rider Course you attend will need to know the following to provide proof of course completion to DOR:

  1. Court Originator Number: MOOSCAFCC
  2. Court Name: Fine Collection Center
  3. Court Case Number: Your traffic citation number found at top of citation
  4. Conviction Date: Can be obtained on Missouri by entering your citation number in the case number search field. When your case comes up on the screen, click on the case number block. This will bring up the case header screen. Under disposition you will see “guilty plea” if your guilty plea has been processed. If the disposition is guilty plea, check the disposition date. This is the conviction date you will need. If the disposition reads “not disposed” your guilty plea is still pending. This could be because FCC has not processed your payment yet. It could also be because FCC has received your payment but has not yet received the original ticket from the law enforcement agency.

If you can’t access the Internet or need help call FCC at (877) 866-3926 to obtain the information you need.

Counties that do not authorize FCC to approve DIP

If the county in which you received your citation is not listed above and you want to attend the Driver Improvement Program, you must first plead not guilty to the Fine Collection Center. FCC will then send your citation to the prosecuting attorney in the county where the citation was issued. After the prosecutor files the citation with the court, the court will notify you of a court date. If you plead guilty at the court, the court has the authority to allow you to attend DIP to avoid point assessment. However, this decision is made by the court on a case by case basis and there is no guarantee that the court will allow you to attend DIP to avoid points on your driver’s license. You should check with the court in the county where the ticket was issued to learn about local policies concerning DIP.

No points will be assessed to your Missouri driver’s record if you meet these requirements. For violations committed while operating a motorcycle, the rider must attend an approved motorcycle-rider training course following the rules above to avoid point assessment.

You cannot take a DIP course before you have the date of your conviction to provide to the course. Remember, you have 60 days after the conviction date to complete the course.

No person may attend the Driver Improvement Program to avoid point assessment more than one time in any 36 month period. Course completion documents should be sent directly to the Missouri Department of Revenue at the following address:

Missouri Department of Revenue Driver License Bureau
P.O. Box 200
Jefferson City, MO 65105-0200

Documents must be sent within 15 days of course completion. For violations committed while operating a motorcycle, the rider must attend an approved motorcycle-rider training course following the rules above to avoid point assessment.

A moving violation, under Missouri law, is a “traffic violation where at the time of the violation the motor vehicle involved is in motion.” You should check with the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) to determine if a particular charge is a moving violation or for any other information concerning your driving record. You can reach the DOR help desk at (573) 751-4475.

It is important to remember this course WILL NOT remove the traffic ticket from your record. This program only allows for the points to be removed from your license.

Out of State Drivers

If your driver’s license is from a state other than Missouri, attendance at the Driver Improvement Program in Missouri will not guarantee that your home state will not assess points or otherwise enter a moving violation on your record. You should check with your home state authorities to determine what rules apply.


Jim Delap, Senior Program Manager, Transportation Safety Programs
Missouri Safety Center-Highway Safety Instructional Park
1200 South Holden
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 800-801-3588 or 660-543-4081
Fax: 660-543-4574

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