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Currently there are seven approved IID manufactures and ten different IID devices approved for use in Missouri. At the present time there are approximately 10,000 drivers  required to install and maintain an IID on any vehicle that they operate (FY2020). This number fluctuates from month to month because of drivers being ordered by the courts or the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) to install the devises and complete  the program. A list of certified manufactures can be found on-line at:

Oversight of the State’s Ignition Interlock program rests with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), Traffic and Highway Safety Division.

Additional resources or answers to questions concerning the Ignition Interlock Program can be found at:



In 2020, 281 people were killed between January 1st and May 17th on Missouri roadways.  Of the 281, drivers/operators in 37 of these fatal crashes were suspected to have used alcohol.

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