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The mission of the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program at is to provide quality motorcycle rider education and enhance motorcycle rider safety to the citizens and visitors of the state of Missouri. The goal of the MMSP is to increase public safety among motorcyclists and motorists by reducing motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities through rider education and public information. The MMSP shares the vision of the Highway Safety Office – MoDOT whose mission is to reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes in the state of Missouri. By working together, both organizations are able to help each other meet their goals.

As mandated by state law and in compliance with laws governing motorcycle training, the MMSP offers all of its programs according to the highest possible standards. Motorcycle rider training experience has been proven to be an effective crash countermeasure and is related to the reduction of injuries in the event of crashes. These facts illustrate the need for developing and implementing high quality rider education programs. Such programs require qualified instructors, effective curricula, and proper equipment used in a safe (high challenge – low threat) environment. The objectives of the MMSP are to provide students with the mental and physical skills necessary to operate a motorcycle safely and responsibly.


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