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Spring 2020 Academy: January 13th – June 11th
Family Orientation & Open House: January 11th
POST Exam: June 11th
Graduation: June 18th

People depend on police officers to protect their lives and property. This is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly or entered into without due consideration. Police work requires that you have honesty, integrity, moral character, sound judgment, a strong sense of responsibility and considerable dedication to duty. It can require that you put your life in danger to save the life of someone else.

But, if you are up to the challenge, a career law in enforcement can be rewarding, exciting and secure. Graduation from our Academy, and passing the POST exam, fulfills the most important requirements to be hired as a Police Officer in Missouri and can transfer to other states. This also opens the doors to many other exciting career opportunities including work as a criminal investigator, Director of Corporate Security, executive protection, fraud investigator and Federal Agent!

Not to mention the personal satisfaction from knowing that your work keeps other people safe and helps ensure the future of our society. Become one of the brave few on the thin blue line…

Our mission at the Central Missouri Police Academy has these objectives:

  • Make our graduates more desirable and competitive in the job market.
  • Provide experiential learning; i.e. learning by doing in a real world environment.
  • Reduce the time needed for our students to get their degree.
  • Maintain competitive cost for our course.

When you graduate from the Central Missouri Police Academy you can be confident that you have received some of the best entry level Law Enforcement training available. Our Instructors are current and former Federal Agents, Prosecuting Attorneys, Police Detectives, Sergeants and Officers and bring tens of thousands of hours of experience with them. All are POST Certified in their specialties and our curriculum exceeds the requirements of the Missouri POST Commission. We keep our standards high to ensure that our graduates present themselves well to recruiters and perform well on the job. Our facilities provide realistic training environments and our academy is part of the University of Central Missouri with all of its campus facilities available to students.

Graduation from our police academy provides you with 18 hours of “free choice elective” college credit (six normal classes worth – taken over two semesters) toward any undergraduate degree with UCM. You can earn these in just approximately 21 weeks with our expanded curriculum!  Our expanded curriculum provides you with some intermediate level training that some officers never have time to receive in their law enforcement career.

We understand that most people come to us wanting education that leads to a fulfilling career and, often, can’t wait four years to get their career started. We also know the clear advantage that a college degree provides to one’s career potential. Our academy meets both needs. After graduating you could go to work as a Law Enforcement Officer immediately and complete your degree while working.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the Academy, its costs and general requirements.

As an introduction to understanding how an officer is trained, consider a 3-hour free credit course offered this fall semester called “Applications of Criminal Justice in Law Enforcement – MSC 2160.

If you are ready to take the next step toward your career in Law Enforcement, apply now!


Apply for the Dama Cooper Police Academy Scholarship!

A limited number of scholarships ranging from $250 to $1000
are available for each Academy class session,
made possible by the generous endowment from the
Dama and Glenda Sue Cooper Trust.

Click here for more information about our Mr. Dama Cooper.


CMPA Receives UCM Foundation Opportunity Grant
for Crown Gym Mats

The Central Missouri Police Academy at the University of Central Missouri is the proud recipient of a UCM Foundation Opportunity Grant for Fiscal Year 2017. UCM Foundation Opportunity Grants must fund expenses related to a specific project. Examples of allowable expenses include research, service projects, supplies, equipment and software. The grant funds allowed the CMPA to purchase (8) additional training mats to accommodate the larger classes in the Expanded Basic Academy. Both CMPA cadets, and law enforcement officers attending continuing education training through the Academy, will benefit from the extra training space on the mats. The CMPA’s continued growth and expansion would not have been possible without the support received from the UCM Foundation Opportunity Grant.

CMPA Receives SRAM Grant from the University of Central Missouri

Strategic Resource Allocation Model (SRAM) is an innovative business model, which promotes student success, growth with quality, and sustainability and efficiency.  This business model provides grant opportunities to departments within the University of Central Missouri. This grant award has allowed the CMPA to implement much needed renovations and improvements to the gymnasium and the installation of several new widows throughout the building.

CMPA Receives UCM Foundation Opportunity Grant in Fiscal Year 2017 for Training Equipment

The Central Missouri Police Academy at the University of Central Missouri is the proud recipient of a UCM Foundation Opportunity Grant (Fiscal Year 2017).  UCM Foundation Opportunity Grants must fund expenses related to a specific project. Examples of allowable expenses include research, service projects, supplies, equipment and software.  The grant funds allowed the CMPA to purchase an additional (7) red and black training mats as seen in the photos below, at a cost of $2,300.  Both CMPA cadets, and law enforcement officers attending continuing education training through the Academy, will benefit from the availability of the new equipment.

CLICK HERE for the digital version of the UCM Magazine, Volume 15, No. 2, featuring (on pages 27/28) an excellent article on the use of the Red Man Suit during training at the CMPA!
Redman UCM Mag Pic Article

(Photos: CMPA Class 2015C, the first group of cadets to have the opportunity to train with the new equipment, used the padded batons during their Baton Techniques Training sessions.)

The UCM Foundation is the university’s nonprofit, raising funds to make a college degree more affordable, accessible and beneficial to students. For more information visit:

The CMPA is proud to announce that 95% of the spring and summer 2016 and 100% of the 2015 Academy graduates actively seeking employment have been commissioned (hired) in law enforcement; the best year in the 35 year history of the Academy.

Additional Courses & Offerings:

The Institute for Public Safety (IPS) and the Central Missouri Police Academy (CMPA), divisions of the Missouri Safety Center at the University of Central Missouri, offers several options for continuing education classes for law enforcement officers.  The CMPA is a licensed Missouri police academy and a University of Central Missouri Certified Program.

  • The IPS/CMPA makes available a large variety of POST approved courses through the Missouri Safety Center and a relationship with Midwest Police Consultants. Classes are offered periodically, or may be scheduled on request. The Missouri Safety Center and Midwest Police Consultants employ a large staff of instructors that are highly experienced in their fields, as well as in the classroom. They provide a wealth of knowledge and the ability to reach their students. In addition, the staff has the ability to develop new courses as needed, or tailor courses to specific needs.  Course offerings range from basic and refresher, to high level areas of expertise and specialization.  Check future emails for updates and specific offerings.  CLICK on this link to email your request to be added to the Missouri Safety Center monthly eNewsletter.
  • CEU Hours via basic academy classes available to in-service officers. The IPS/CMPA offers in-service officers the opportunity to attend basic academy classes to get their POST CEU training. This is a great opportunity to pick up legal and interpersonal hours when the Academy conducts such courses as Constitutional Law, Missouri Statutes, Ethics, etc. The Academy conducts two basic academy sessions per year, and officers are welcome to sit in on classes as needed and as spaces are available. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve a spot early. The cost for these classes is $9.00 per hour.
  • The CMPA has space available for various uses. State and federal agencies, local departments, private entities and training contractors, that need a place to gather for regional meetings or in-service training, may rent a classroom or the gym. The CMPA is not set up for overnight events, but can host single day events, or multi-day events in which attendees would stay overnight at hotel accommodations they have arranged if traveling far from home. The rate is $125 per day for use of the classroom and $200 per day for the use of the gym. Parking is available in the student lot, east of the CMPA, at a rate of $5 per day per vehicle for the approved UCM Parking Permit. Classroom space seats up to 25 people. If you are interested, please contact the CMPA at: (800) 801-3588 or (660) 543-4090 to reserve your space as early as possible. Reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis.

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