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About Us

The Central Missouri Police Academy (CMPA) is a division of the Missouri Safety Center (MSC) at the University of Central Missouri (UCM). The Academy is licensed by the Missouri Department of Public Safety’s Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) Program to provide basic law enforcement training as established in Chapter 590 of the Missouri Revised Statutes. The CMPA and MSC have a forty year history of providing quality training and education to both pre-service students and law enforcement officers.
Our mission is:
1. Provide well trained, competent recruits to become employed with the Law Enforcement organizations in Missouri.
2. Support UCM’s effort to help meet Missouri’s workforce skill demands.
Our graduates go through a rigorous academic and physical training regimen at this academy. In addition to the 600 hour mandated curriculum, and since we are part of the Missouri Safety Center, we provide additional SFST training making students eligible for Type III SFST certification upon commission as a Peace Officer. We have the newest Firearms Training System (FATS machine) that provides modern and effective use of force training. If you are recruiting, you will find that our cadets bring significant added value to your department.
Our Instructors provide hundreds of years of collective experience. They are current and former Chiefs, Sergeants, Deputies, Police Detectives and Officers, Federal Agents and Prosecuting Attorneys, Professors, civilian Law Enforcement and Forensics experts; individually selected to provide the best training available to our cadets.

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