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Costs and Benefits

We fully understand the significant investment that you will be making in your future when you attend the Central Missouri Police Academy. Not only do we strive to be the premier choice for your basic POST training but we also try to remain affordable. We set our tuition at a level that is lower than the average for POST Academies in Missouri. We also try to ensure that we supply above average training (we provide additional certification in several critical skills).

Cost for the Central Missouri Police Academy is anticipated to be $6,210.00 for tuition and course fees for the 2019 Fall class. This includes all course books and materials, two sets of academy uniforms, UCM picture and network ID (allows access to University facilities and provides a “.edu” email account), and 18 hours of college credit.

There is also a $30 admissions fee when you enroll as a student with UCM (required to receive college credit and tuition assistance) and a fee of approximately $50 for having your fingerprints taken and processed (this fee is subject to change by the processing agency, 3M/Cogent).

Highlighting the Benefits of Attending:

  • Students receive academy training and POST certification as part of their degree program, saving time, and possibly money, after graduation.
  • Graduates earn a Class A certification, which allows them to work anywhere in Missouri (although, some departments require completion of their in-house academies regardless of prior training or experience).
  • Students are eligible to be hired immediately upon graduation from the Academy.
  • Missouri and Kansas police agencies regularly recruit our students while in attendance, and some offer initial testing at the Academy. Many students have jobs waiting when they graduate.
  • Academy graduates have been averaging more than an 80% hiring rate within one year of graduation.
  • Students who attend the Academy earn (15) hours of undergraduate elective credits.
  • Academy students are UCM students as well, which entitles them to campus benefits and use of amenities, such as student housing, recreation and dining facilities, and more.
  • Academy students are eligible to utilize the services at the UCM Career Services office, which includes resume and interview preparation and access to their job posting database: Mules4Hire.
  • UCM Financial Aid may be used to pay for Academy tuition and related expenses.

What you must provide at your cost by the first day of class:

  • You may use your own semiautomatic handgun (9mm, 10mm, .40, .45, if double action it must have a de-cocking lever) if it is on the list of pre-approved pistols, if you do not  use your own pistol, you may use one of our 9mm Glock pistols at no extra charge.
  • Holster (duty type, straight draw, at least one securing strap, must be able to attach to standard leather 2 ¼” duty belt)
  • Two magazines not to exceed 15 rounds each
  • 1,200 rounds of new, jacketed handgun ammunition (must be full metal jacketed, may be steel cased, may be re-manufactured but must not be reloaded or magnum)
  • 150 rounds of 12 gauge birdshot shotgun ammunition.  12 gauge, 2 ¾ inch, 7 ½ or 8 shot, Winchester or Federal manufactured preferred.
  • 30 rounds 12-gauge rifle slug
  • 30 rounds 12-gauge 9 pellet 00 buckshot
  • One pair of black “military or police-type” duty boots
  • Light grey T-shirt, dark blue athletic shorts and gray sweat pants (only small logos or graphics allowed)
  • One pair of athletic shoes
  • Jacket, sweater, raincoat etc. as needed for protection from inclement weather

What we will provide:

  • 9mm Glock pistol, as needed, and a Remington #870, 12-gauge shotgun
  • Duty belt with accessories (must be returned before graduation)
  • One ammunition pouch
  • One set of handcuffs and key
  • One handcuff pouch
  • Training uniform
  • Two polo type short sleeve shirts
  • Two BDU type pants
  • One CMPA cap
  • All books, equipment and materials not included in the electronic download for the curriculum
  • UCM ID and email address

Tuition assistance is available and our course qualifies for coverage under the G.I. Bill.

If a student has been fully admitted to a bachelors degree or masters degree offered by the University of Central Missouri in the area of Criminal Justice, financial aid can normally be used to help pay the cost of attending the Central Missouri Police Academy (including tuition and required supplies). Detailed information about being considered for financial assistance may be found by clicking on the links at the Office of Student Financial Services home page.

If you are getting ready to separate, or have recently separated from the U.S. military, you will feel very welcome at the CMPA and quickly get what you need to start your post-service career. Several of our instructors are former military members and, having made the transition themselves,  are able to help you. We also have a Military and Veterans Services department devoted to helping veterans succeed.

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