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Physical fitness is an every day part of a Law Enforcement Officer’s life and career. If you are not physically fit you may be placing yourself, your partners and civilians in danger!

You will be spending part of your time at CMPA receiving training in health and physical fitness and will be required to participate both in group and individual physical fitness training sessions. Please understand, we are not a “boot camp” Academy, but we will help each Cadet understand the critical importance of being physically fit.

In order to prepare for the Academy, you should start a personal training program (click here for an example) with the goal of achieving our standards prior to graduation. Before starting your Academy class you should at least be able to perform a minimum of 20 push-ups; jog a consistent mile and a half and know how to properly stretch before and after exercising!

You will need to bring proper attire for the physical training blocks of the course. We suggest: updated running shoes, orthodic shoe inserts, cold weather cap, lightweight gloves, clothes to layer (long sleeve cotton T’s and sweat shirts), and lightweight running pants.

We use the following Physical Fitness Assessment to help Cadets determine if they possess the necessary physical strength and endurance to perform well as a Law Enforcement Officer. All Cadets that meet these minimum standards will be provided with a certificate attesting to this achievement. Although meeting these standards is not required to graduate from CMPA, failure to do so may make it difficult to be hired by a Law Enforcement agency.

Standard Values for Push-up Endurance

Gender Rating Age
20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59
Excellent >42 >38 >33
Pass 25-41 20-37 18-32
Fail <24 <19 <17
Excellent >35 >30 >25
Pass 20-34 15-29 12-24
Fail <19 <14 <11

Standard Values for Abdominal Crunches (1 minute)

Gender Rating Age
20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59
Excellent >65 >65 >55
Pass 40-64 34-64 24-54
Fail <39 <33 <23
Excellent >60 >55 >50
Pass 34-59 24-54 18-49
Fail <33 <23 <17

Aerobic Fitness Test (1.5 mile, timed)

Gender Rating Age
20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59
Excellent <13:00 <15:00 <18:00
Pass 13:01-18:59 14:59-22:59 17:59-24:59
Fail >19:00 >23:00 >25:00
Excellent <14:00 <17:00 <20:00
Pass 13:59-21:59 16:59-23:59 19:59-25:59
Fail >22:00 >24:00 >26:00

NOTE: Smoking or chewing tobacco is counter to the need to be physically fit as a Law Enforcement Officer and will affect performance during physical fitness training. The UCM campus is a tobacco-free campus.  This means no tobacco of any kind including cigarettes or chewing tobacco.  The CMPA has a no tobacco policy also during your time in the academy.

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