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There is more to becoming a Law Enforcement Officer than just passing a written test. Lots more.

Law Enforcement work is one of the most stressful occupations anyone can have. It is physically demanding, mentally challenging, and requires a strong commitment to ethical behavior. By the time you graduate from our Academy we want you to be physically and mentally ready. We also want you to be a strong candidate for any open position.
In order to prepare you for the standards you will need to uphold in your new career, we require strict adherence to the following standards:

Ethical Behavior
Obviously being a Law Enforcement Officer requires that you live up to a higher standard. While you are at the Academy we will help you fully understand this obligation. Therefore, all Academy Students must agree to adhere to our CMPA Student Ethical Standards of Conduct.

Dress and Appearance
In order to successfully compete for an open position in a Law Enforcement organization, a new recruit must impress the hiring manager not only with their intellectual and tactical skills but also with their personal appearance. For this reason, we require that all CMPA students meet certain dress and appearance standards. We want each student to understand the importance of professional appearance to their future success and we will help them gain confidence in their appearance while they are attending the CMPA.
We also fully understand the value of each student feeling as if they are part of a team; understanding they are joining an elite, global family of law enforcement professionals. Wearing the uniform of an Academy Cadet enhances the teamwork that is vitally important to success in a law enforcement career.

Physical Fitness
We use our Physical Fitness Assessment to help Cadets determine if they possess the necessary physical strength and endurance to perform well as a Law Enforcement Officer. All Cadets that meet these minimum standards will be provided with a certificate attesting to this achievement. Although meeting these standards is not required to graduate from the CMPA, failure to do so may make it difficult to be hired by a Law Enforcement agency.
This is from a recent job announcement: “Must be able to pass a physical agility test. Occasional intense physical contact while affecting arrests. Occasional sprint in process of apprehending a suspect. Physical strength to subdue combative individuals. Must perform these functions in a range of conditions including residences, stairwell, roads and open areas over uneven surfaces.”
Would you do well before a hiring board that required this level of physical fitness? If not, now is the time to prepare.

Experiential Learning!
We provide experiential learning; i.e. learning by doing in a real world environment.
You will learn police driving at the Missouri Safety Center’s Highway Safety Instruction Park; the same driving range where many Missouri Law Enforcement Officers come to improve their skills.
You will practice firearms training on Midwest Tactical’s range where law enforcement tactical teams from all over Missouri train.
You will learn “use of force” with the newest Firearms Training System (FATS machine) and experience live fire exercises with realistic airsoft weapons.

Reduce your tuition cost!
We strive to keep our tuition low; you’ll find our police academy to be one of the least expensive in Missouri! For those students that use student loans this helps keep your overall cost low!

Our police academy is also eligible for benefits under the G.I. Bill.

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