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Why Choose CMPA?

Complete training faster – get hired sooner!

We support the University of Central Missouri’s effort to provide experiential training in a real world environment, allowing students to develop skills and become employed long before they complete their degrees. Our condensed course runs six days per week, eight or more hours per day; this allows you to complete your training much sooner than under a traditional police academy schedule and, for those wishing to go straight into a law enforcement career, allows you to be available for employment sooner.

Be more valuable to future employers!

In addition to the 600 hour mandated curriculum we provide additional Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) training making you eligible for Type III SFST certification upon commission as a Peace Officer (most academies only provide Type I training). This saves your future department from having to pay for this training itself.

We also have the newest Firearms Training System (FATS machine) that provides modern and effective use of force training; lowering the risk and cost of potential liability to your employer due to improper use of force.

Reduce the time needed to complete your degree!

Since you receive 15 hours of college credit (five normal classes worth) toward a Criminal Justice undegraduate degree at UCM, we help reduce the time needed for you to complete your degree.

Reduce your overall cost!

We strive to keep our tuition low; you’ll find us to be one of the lowest cost academies in Missouri. For those students that use student loans this helps keep your debt low upon graduation. Our course also is eligible for benefits under the G.I Bill.

If you are ready to take the next step toward a career in Law Enforcement, apply now!

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